Child Support

  • Alimony, Property Division, Child Custody and Support
    It is important to understand that if claims for certain rights are not filed before entry of the divorce decree occurs, entitlement to those rights are lost
  • What is Child Support?
    When a couple separates or divorces, each parent must contribute a set amount of child support money which is usually determined by calculating the proportion his or her income contributes to their total combined income amount.
  • How are Child Support Payments Calculated?
    The Child Support Guidelines employ different worksheets depending on the actual physical split of custodial overnights
  • Making Child Support Payments
    After the amount of the child support payments has been determined and the payment dates and method of payment established, it is essential that the payments be made on time.
  • Child Support Payment Enforcement
    The North Carolina courts and Child Support Enforcement Agency take the matter of child support non-payment seriously.
  • Modifying Child Support Agreements or Orders
    For the court to grant a modification, you must prove that a substantial change in your circumstances – or the circumstances of your ex-spouse or child – must have occurred since your last support order became effective.