Child Custody

  • Alimony, Property Division, Child Custody and Support
    It is important to understand that if claims for certain rights are not filed before entry of the divorce decree occurs, entitlement to those rights are lost
  • How Child Custody is Awarded in NC
    The focus of a custody arrangement is always the best interests of the child. If the parents cannot come to an agreement, the matter of custody is brought before a judge who decides the issues.
  • The Child Custody Legal Process
    Usually, child custody arrangements are made voluntarily by the parents. The agreed-upon terms can be made part of their separation agreement or they can draft a separate parenting agreement.
  • Types of Child Custody
    The custody arrangement should be practical for both parents. Both parents should be able to have a steady, relevant presence in the life or lives of their child or children.
  • Visitation Rights
    y relationship between the non-custodial parent and his or her child or children. In North Carolina, unwed parents are viewed the same as married parents with respect to their rights to their children.
  • Grandparents’ Visitation and Custody Rights
    Grandparent’s time with their grandchildren is derivative of the time the children spend with their parent.