Separation Agreements

  • What is a Separation Agreement?
    When a couple – or one of the spouses – decides the marriage is over, it is smart to work out a separation agreement if the parties can agree on the terms.
  • Benefits of a Separation Agreement
    Cost savings is a big factor in having a separation agreement. It is faster and less expensive to work out the issues of separation privately than to have lawyers litigating them in court and having a judge make the decisions.
  • What if One Spouse Violates the Agreement?
    If one spouse violates the separation agreement, the other spouse can seek to have it enforced. How the enforcement is done depends upon whether the agreement is simply a private contract between the couple or whether it became part of a court order.
  • Do You Need a Separation and Divorce Attorney?
    It is advisable to consult with an experienced family law attorney to help you draft a separation agreement that protects your rights as set forth in North Carolina’s frequently complex family law statutes.