What Sets Cindy Apart

When you walk through the door of my office for our first meeting, I’ll see a real person with a unique story to tell. A new client is not just another case number to me. Although I’ve been practicing family law for over 26 years, I’ll still be eager to learn about you and the circumstances that brought you to me. It’s not a work-related chore in my mind. I’ve always had an honest interest in people and a desire to help somebody going through difficult times.

I’m compassionate and fearlessly protective.

Your story will likely be one of worry or sadness or fear, maybe anger, and probably confusion. My first and lasting reaction with be empathy and compassion – and fortunately, my lawyer mind works in multi-task mode. So I’ll start immediately deciphering what I’m hearing and formulating how I can best protect you and your rights, and your children if you have them. I’m very aware of how much you’ll need someone you can trust to fearlessly support you through the stressful legal times ahead.

I’m a good listener and strong legal partner.

Not all lawyers are good listeners but I know how important it is for your legal counsel to really hear what you have to say. The attorney-client relationship should be a trusting partnership that encompasses understanding and respect for each other’s thoughts and feelings. I want you to feel really comfortable with me so we can have open honest conversations about your finances, yourself and your marriage – and what might be deeply personal matters. I’ll work to build a strong, compatible partnership with you. It will significantly increase the likelihood of a positive legal outcome for your case.

I’m honest, candid and talk in plain English.

I won’t talk to you in legal jargon. It’s important that you completely understand your options so you can help in choosing the best strategies to achieve your goals. I’ll want you to participate in what’s going on every step of the way. I’ll be upfront with you about your situation, both the good and the not-so-good aspects of it. Then we can roll up our sleeves and lay out our most effective approach. My goal is that you have a clear, accurate picture of your legal circumstances and your best options for getting the most positive outcome possible.

I’m not a 9 to 5 lawyer.

I know life happens 24 hours a day. When your family is falling apart, I know you might have an emergency or other pressing need that occurs after hours. If you need me, you can reach me. I won’t leave you to go it alone.

I’m comfortable negotiating, litigating in court or appealing a decision.

I don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to representing my clients. I’ve worked hard to develop strong skill-sets in all aspects of family law which allow me to tailor your case to your unique circumstances. With over two decades of experience guiding me, I feel as confident and comfortable in the courtroom as I do seeking a settlement. I like solving problems which makes me a good negotiator. If we need to go to trial, I’ll walk into the courtroom feeling like your case is my own – and I’ll fight aggressively to win it for you. I have good relationships with local judges and most often enjoy a good rapport with judges in new venues. I have a talented paralegal support staff. Whatever your case calls for – settlement, trial or appeal – I’m committed to fighting for you on both a legal and personal level, and leaving no stone unturned in the process.