Pet Custody

  • Pet Custody: Are pets family or property in NC Divorce?
    According to national statistics, 62% of homes have one or more pets. It is no surprise that divorce disputes about who gets the family pet are common – and they are often contentious. For most people, pets are an important part of the family, but for some, they are considered valued family members. Fights over … Read more
  • Are Pets Property in North Carolina?
    Although most people value their pets as more than a piece of property, North Carolina – like most other states in the country – continue to determine custody of pets by identifying them as property and including them in the equitable distribution process. There does seem to be a trend in some states to treat … Read more
  • How is Pet Custody Decided in North Carolina?
    In North Carolina, pet custody is determined by state laws governing marital property. As such, pets are considered the same as other household goods like furniture and jewelry. In determining the value of a pet, the court considers only fair market value of the pet and does not factor in emotional or sentimental attachment. In … Read more
  • Pet Custody Agreements
    Divorcing couples can avoid having a judge lump their pet in with the furniture by crafting an agreement outside court. It is commonly made part of their separation agreement or it can be a separate pet custody agreement. These are binding contracts and can be enforced by the court if necessary. The agreement can include … Read more