Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Approaching your fiancé about a prenuptial agreement can be a delicate conversation. Some people incorrectly see a premarital contract as an acknowledgement that the marriage will likely fail. However, there are many good reasons for having a prenuptial agreement.

A well-planned and well-written prenuptial agreement is a way to plan for the unpleasant possibility that a marriage may fail. Given modern marital statistics, responsible couples are wise to consider all eventualities and pre-plan for their protection and comfort. This allows the couple to determine their own futures without having a judge do it for them.

When one or both individuals entering marriage have substantial assets, it is particularly wise for the couple to have a prenuptial agreement. Individuals entering wedlock for a second time may want to prevent repeating the mistakes of their first marriage by defining the distribution of assets and debt in the event of divorce. This becomes especially important to spouses in subsequent marriages who want to ensure that their children from a former marriage receive their assets. There are many reasons why thinking couples may want establish what their expectations are in a marriage and what their rights are if the worst-case scenario happens.