What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is particularly beneficial to divorcing couples who are willing to work amicably toward a fair settlement and who are ready to compromise when necessary. Since mediations are less formal than trials, the meeting(s) can be more easily arranged to accommodate all the parties’ schedules. Negotiations can progress in a far less stressful atmosphere than that of a trial.

Mediations allow the ex-spouses to define their own unique needs since they know their circumstances far better than a judge could know. The parties can identify the issues on which they agree and the issues on which they disagree. Even if they cannot resolve all the issues, they can narrow their disagreements and litigate only the unresolved disputes in court.

Generally, the mediation process takes less time than trials. Avoiding lengthy and expensive courtroom litigation is one of the most beneficial aspects of mediation – in terms of both emotional and financial costs.